Easy Online Biz Opps For Aspiring Entrepreneurs

business_entrepreneur_planning_new_officeA combination of increased technical reliance and an uncertain economy has lead to a society in which online businesses are providing extra paychecks for a large percentage of the population. What start out as tiny startups can grow to larger proportions, helping to cover more expenses and make ends meet for their owners. This article will take a look at a few online biz opps that can help enterprising and entrepreneurial adults to pull in an extra paycheck with comparatively little time and effort.


First let’s look at what makes for a good side business. For most it would have to be easy to start and require only minimal technical skills. It would have to be a side gig for most, at least at first, since most people reading this probably require the working capital from their regular jobs to get by currently. Let’s evaluate what types of online businesses meet those criteria.

Sell Real Products Through an eCommerce Store

When most people think eCommerce they think eBay, and with good reason. A large number of people use eBay’s services, so they are designed to be simple to understand. There are two routes to success in eBay sales. The first is to find or create a product that is in cheap and easily replenished supply in the local area then sell it online for higher prices across the country or the world. The second involves selling other people’s stuff for them. These “sellers for hire” work with clients who don’t have access to an eBay account or the knowledge necessary to use it and take a percentage of sales. More creative folks might want to check out eCommerce sites like Etsy that specifically cater to artists and craftsmen and -women as well.


Start a Blog

For those who have specialized knowledge or an interesting perspective, this is a great route. All they have to do is start a blog and get writing. In order for this to be economically viable, enough traffic must be attracted to the site. The best way to attract a consistent fan base is by focusing on one particular subject. This can be anything from parenting tips to photography to Hollywood gossip, but it’s important to stay on topic. The pay for most blogs comes from ad revenue. These ads can come in passive forms through the use of programs like AdSense in which another company pays blog owners for the right to place ads on their page, or from active affiliate marketing on the part of the blog owner (more about that below).

Affiliate Marketing on Sites and Social Media

Affiliate marketing refers to the promotion of other people’s products and services online. This can be done either on personal blogs or on social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Unlike ad placement on websites, it requires a little bit more effort in order to get paid. Most pay by commission, with top brands offering between 10 and 30% commission rates for any products or services sold by the affiliate.


Website Design and Development

For those who are creatively inclined web design is a fantastic way to make extra income online. Many find that after developing the appropriate skills and client base they are able to grow their design business to the point where it becomes their primary source of employment. Those interested will need a working knowledge of a solid web design program such as Adobe Dreamviewer or Microsoft Impressions, and some basic design capabilities. An eye for style and good personal skills both go a long way in this industry, as part of the process of growing a web design business includes attracting new clientele and keeping those customers happy.


Community Membership Websites

All that’s really needed to start a community membership site is basic computer and internet literacy and a passion for a particular subject. This subject can be anything from crocheting socks to building furniture. What’s important is that the site be designed accessibly and actively offer new information on a regular basis. On most of these sites the money comes in from advertisers, although those offering particularly valuable information or community resources may be able to charge customers more directly for premium membership. Just be sure that the content is engaging and constantly updated, encouraging other members to interact in forums and comment on blog posts and saving the site owner some effort.