Join Empowr and Get Twenty Dollars

Empowr is an online business that is NOT multi-level and requires NO selling!

Is it too good to be true?

Question: What are the downsides of Empowr?

  1. you have to work on it about an hour per day
  2. you won’t make any real money for about nine months to a year
  3. you optionally have to pay some small fees about $20/month until you get into profit.

Question: What you need to succeed with Empowr?
Basically, if you can do any social network, such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, then you can do Empowr.

  1. Ability to be interesting, post popular pictures, and/or make friends and fans
  2. Optional: The ability to save and edit pictures
  3. You must be on Empowr a certain amount of time each day (I’m guessing one hour). You will be posting your posts, which are either text status, pictures, or videos, and yes, you can post YouTube Videos. After that, you will be liking, and sharing posts of others. You may have to visit 40 to 100 other members pages per day, depending on your “Power Level.”

Question: What is confusing about Empowr?

  1. Empowr is still in Alpha. You may have heard of Beta software or a Beta release? Well, that’s when the program is in final testing before going really big. Empowr is claiming to be one stage before that; so that means they are still tuning the system.
  2. The marketplace is still a little confusing. They basically have an marketplace where you can put items up for auction. This can be stuff around your house that you want to sell, but other options are to sell stuff from other online stores, resell from wholesale drop-ship sources, or you can sell digital products such as photos, recipes, or training, as long as they are on an “Empowr Premium Blog”.
  3. Empowr sends you daily messages about how much money you have ‘earned’, and they talk about matured cash outs and early cashouts. They have a lot of videos that explain it, but it will take a while to go through them all. Even then, most people are confused their first few months, and many often quit. You can early AMCO’s “Accelerated Matured Cash Outs”, but they don’t seem to amount to much. The big money, seems to only come after you’ve been a member for a while, have built yourself up to the higher power levels, and have paid down your ad credits. Empowr gives you sort of an advance to help you advertise your page on Empowr; over time that balance builds up, and you need to pay it off before getting the cash outs.

Question: How much can you make with Empowr?

  1. There is a video on YouTube (see below) from May Ram who is apparently the first person to reach one million dollars. She doesn’t say if that is net or gross. The day this article is written, I checked the international “leaderboard”, and 56 people have all-time gross earnings over $1,000,000, and 23 have over $200,000 gross in the last month. And May Ram is the highest at $3.2 million. What we don’t know is how much of that is “Net earnings”. I’m guessing that Net is 5 to 10% of gross. So if a person is making $200,000 gross, and 5% of that would be $10,000. So the question is, would you be happy working a year or two to get to the top power level, then to make $10,000/month? That’s not a bad retirement for posting pictures and making friends online.
  2. You can also make money by selling stuff in the marketplace. As you have more fans, more people see your page and the items you have put up for sale, so the more likely you are to sell something, and the higher the bids will be.
  3. A secret of Empowr is that many people use it to promote their other online businesses, many of which are network marketing. Some spam ads all the time, but the more sophisticated network marketers build up their reputation and provide value, using attraction marketing to attract a following and give value, then provide their information to those interested.
  4. If you are willing to take some tests, and work several more hours a day, you can become a “Support Coach”. These coaches also get some extra earnings based on the number of people assigned to them. I have yet to see exactly how much this is worth. My guess is that if you have a good job, you wouldn’t be interested in this. But if you are retired, or you have a poor paying job, then maybe being a support coach is right for you. Being a support coach might be ideal for what we typically call “third world countries.” I know several entrepreneurs who have virtual assistants or programmers working for them in India or the Philippines for $4 to $6/hour, and these are English speakers with college educations. These people might benefit most from becoming success coaches.

Question: Is Empowr legit or a scam?

  1. See the funny meme below about the farmer who said “I planted seeds but did not get a crop in 30 days”. Any legitimate business takes time and effort to achieve success. There will be obstacles along the way. A farmer plant seeds, and may not have a harvest for weeks or months. He has to water his crop, and keep the bugs and animals out of it. Then he may have to work day and night to harvest the crop, then he has to take it to market. All this requires hard labor and can involve expensive farm equipment.
  2. There are many people saying the have received cash-outs from Empowr. But as mentioned above, most of these people have been in the business for six months to a year.
  3. Empowr is NOT a free platform. There are what are called ad platform fees. People seem to gloss over this when they join. They have made it convenient that you can pay $19.95/month of your fees to stay active, and then you push paying accumulated fees into the future. The good news, you if you drop out, you don’t owe them those accumulated fees. The bad news, you can’t get your big cash-outs until you have paid off those fees.
  4. Empowr talks about building trust. You build trust with other people on Empowr, but in effect, Empowr also builds trust (or loses trust) with you as you have been a member. As you have been in their system a while, you move up in “Power Levels” and those take funds out of your future earnings too. The trick is that the cost of the “Power Levels” are geometric, each level is more than the previous, and you will be shocked what the fees are for the top levels. But once you have moved up level by level, it’s really not a big deal. What other business gently builds you up like that?
  5. I’m writing this blog on the election day 2016, where people are voting for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. About 1/2 the people i know say one of them is a fraud or scam, and the other 1/2 say the same thing or worse about the other candidate. The point is that two people can look at the exact same person or business, and see something totally opposite in it.


If you have read the above and you want to join, the link is: Join Empowr. I will soon be adding a sign-up form below to get my free training. Even though it’s not an MLM, and I don’t profit off your work as I would in a network marketing company, I still want to provide value to a large number of people, and I want us to be each others Fans on Empowr so we can both climb to the top faster.